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Travel Photography, Durbar Square, Kathmandu Nepal

Patan Durbar Square – How to Travel by Bus

We are assuming your starting point is Thamel. Before you start, open google maps and key in the following four locations to get the route overview which will help me to explain.

A) “Ratna Park” or “Ratna Park Micro” or “Ratna Park Bus Stop,
B) Koteshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal
C) Lagankhel Bus Station, Lalitpur, Central Region, Nepal
D) Patan Durbar Square, Lalitpur, Nepal

1. Walked from my Hotel Access Nepal from Thamel to Ratna Park(A), around 2 km.
2. There just ask for which bus goes to Koteshwor(B). The bus I took continued from the Ring Road to the Arakino Highway instead of turning left towards (B). So keep that in mind and ensure you get down accordingly and cross the road to the point (B).
3. From (B), the few buses I asked were unable to understand Patan Durbar Square!! Instead, ask for Lagankhle Bus Stop (C) and you will have several buses to take you there.
4. From (C), you have to walk to Patan Durbar. It’s an interesting walk and you won’t regret it.

1. You probably could check if a direct bus to Lagankhale is there from “Ratna Park”. I was not aware of the name Lagankhel at that time.
2. Keep small changes handy as the buses are going to be crowded and cramped and you may not be able to dig deep into your pockets!
3. Start as early as possible to avoid the traffic and the crowd.
4. Sit as close to the door of the bus as possible.

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